It's time to fall deeper in love with your life through your relationship with yourself and others.


You're a perfectionist who has a certain way of doing things from folding towels to organizing your life.  


Even with all of the amazing things in your life you struggle to feel fulfilled.

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You dream about  feeling good on the inside. But many things get in the way... 

  • You put a lot of pressure on yourself to when things don't go according to plan.
  • Your spouse and/or partner can’t quite keep up with your expectations.
  • It's a million "little" things that make you feel disconnected in your life.
  • You feel like you can never keep up, you're constantly putting out fires.  
  • You always put yourself last and you're tired of it.


Things seem to send you over the edge...

  • Whether it's your partner, in-laws,  kids, and/or family.  Everyone knows exactly what to do to drive you insane. 


Unrealistic expectation of yourself and others get in the way...

  • Expecting your partner, employees, kids and others to handle things perfectly creates a life full of disappointment.
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All the day-to-day tasks of the household fall on you...

  • You're the chauffeur, maid, referee, accountant, and cook. 
  • Even if you don't have to physically complete these tasks, you mentally manage it to make sure it's  properly executed. 
  • You don't feel appreciated or even acknowledged for what you do.


You feel you have a "good" life and most would love to be in your shoes, but you just feel stuck and unfulfilled. 

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I've helped countless women just like you have a better relationship with themselves and others. 


Most women make the mistake of thinking if that person who drives them crazy would just change, if the kids would behave, if they felt appreciated, and if everything didn't fall on them life would be so much better.


Think about the last time the kids behaved for a few hours or that time you felt appreciated.  Did that make your life feel amazing?  Probably not. Why? Because these things alone won't solve your problem.


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  • To release the things that don't bring you peace

  • To communicate better in all of your relationships without things taking you over the edge

  • To decrease the amount of overwhelm you feel daily

  • To create more emotional connection in your marriage/relationship

  • To handle difficult situations without losing your mind and feeling alone

  • To not be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes. 

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Imagine Your Life...

  • Unbothered by the negative actions of others
  • Communicating effectively with the people around you 
  • Connected with your loved ones
  • Prioritizing self-care 

It's Possible!
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Join Relationship IQ Group Coaching Program

Tools You'll Learn in the Relationship IQ Group Program

  • Ways to deal with difficult situations (and people) with more ease.

  • Strategies to help you communicate so that you feel seen and heard.

  • How to make self-care a non-negotiable and make you a priority.

  • How to get release guilt and self-sabotaging practices. 

  • How to create an environment where you give yourself grace. 

  • Gain insight into what causes most relationships to break down. 

  • Learn steps that can create more peace and calm in your life and all relationships.

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Learn how to calmly deal with difficult people and situations with more ease.

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No risk! This is a month-to-month subscription, you can cancel at any time.

On the live weekly calls you will have the opportunity to see others coached and volunteer to be coached if you choose.


You don't have to wait to get started.  You will have immediate access to past transformational group coaching videos.


No contract. Send an email to [email protected] and you won't be billed again.

*I am not providing the services of a therapist and/or counselor. 

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S. Banks, Attorney

“Simply put, I felt like I was facing the world alone and needed help on managing stress levels and approaching various life circumstances with a healthy mental perspective.  

Specifically, I was dealing with issues in my marriage regarding past instances of infidelity, issues with work, and also internal self-esteem issues that made me feel worthless. The frustration my life circumstances were causing me made me feel overwhelmed, unable, and alone. 

What was different about Aerica and her services is that she listens. She provides a realistic perspective for your thoughts and helps you discover the underlying thought. She is also easily relatable and truly understanding. She also cares deeply for her clients and it's reflected in how she communicates and makes time to address her clients' concerns. 

I realized Aerica was helping solve my problems when my reactions and responses to the issues changed. My two favorite quotes of hers is "Does this serve you?" and "How sad is it?" Both of these phrases have helped me so much to change my thoughts from negative to positive. As she's also stated, life is 50% positive and 50% negative. I've learned to respond to the negatives without more than a simple acknowledgement that they exist and move forward.”  

C. Lee, Human Resources

“I have always been an intense person, and trying to ignore my emotions away caused an unhealthy buildup, so they began spilling over into many areas of life.

I also felt a lot of stress about things that may or may not happen, tended to take responsibility for other people's issues that were out of my control, and bogged down in a lot of over-thinking/negative self-talk. All this mind-drama was taking a lot of time and energy and sucking the joy out of life. It was also creating unnecessary friction in my relationships.

My frustration and emotional imbalance felt like quicksand. The harder I worked to will myself out, the deeper I sank into the mire, and the more tightly restricted I felt. 

 Without delving too deeply into the whys, Aerica offered a practical framework to evaluate the source of my frustrations and negative feelings, let go of things outside my control, and find what resonated with me, for my situation. Aerica asked insightful questions and always made sure you were guiding, providing guardrails, without pushing.

 Aerica helped me find my own answers. Aerica offered perspective that allowed me to progress in a way I couldn't on my own without ever trying to impose a prepackaged idea or force any answers that didn't feel true for me. Coming to a conclusion that really resonates is critical for sustainability, and Aerica was as committed to that as I was. 

 When during a heated conversation or moments of irritation or emotion, I started finding myself pausing to mentally go through the modeling exercise and apply it real time, I knew this had been well worth the time and effort spent! 

Life still happens, but I am now more resilient. In addition to working through the initial issues, I really appreciated the perspectives and insights on emotional eating and a framework for a healthy, sustainable food choices. 

This program will provide the tools. Aerica will help you examine and adjust. This is about retraining your brain and creating more healthy, productive thought patterns. Like anything, the more you dedicate yourself to putting in the work, to being honest with yourself, and to giving yourself a little grace as you learn, the more impactful the outcome. 

Aerica can't do the work for you, but she will be there to weigh in, to call out areas where you may need to fine tune, and to support your efforts. Let's face it, for real results, it takes hard work and brutal honesty with ourselves. It's nice to have a lifeline, roadmap, and a cheerleader when you're fighting through a tough spot. I would highly recommend Aerica, and I feel so grateful she was recommended to me.” 

C. Nichols, CEO

“Aerica is an excellent life coach, particularly for me with relationship coaching. She is easy to talk to, can relate to me, and is very understanding. Aerica’s great vision and outlook on life is guiding me to make great strides toward my personal and relationship transformation goals. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

Meet Your
Relationship CEO,
Aerica Sanders

Over 13 years ago, I wanted a divorce. I had tried all types of self-help from therapy to reading hundreds of books.  What I really wanted was for my husband to change.  I started changing my life and little by little started helping other women do the same.

Through several acts of God, I became a life coach helping women to become the best version of themselves. However, there was an underlying theme in 95% of my coaching. My client sessions overwhelmingly leaned towards them finding joy and peace in their marriage and relationships. Therefore, the majority of my success was ultimately tied to relationships.

I am The Relationship CEO. I help women feel as good in their life as it looks from the outside. My clients for, all intents and purposes, have a picture “perfect” life, but deep down they have inner turmoil, are just existing, and some are just barely hanging on.

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